About Us

So who are we?

We are a group of gamers with serious development and hacking skills. We all have been doing this for a long time and this is just something that we do and will always do. Any we are very good at it. The reason we wanted to build an online generator for GTA 5 Online is because it is an absolutely brilliant game and there is a huge demand for free money in the game. To do this is not really hard, once you have cracked one game and have a good hardware setup and a good team with the right skill set it all seems to work out ok. We like to help others gamers and in giving free money in GTA we think that this will really open up the game to a lot of people. Game hacks and cheats have been around since the creation of gaming and we are just continuing on helping people with it. The game companies know that this happens and they are happy for it to happen as it keeps selling games for them. As some people would just get bored after a while if they are struggling with the game. Other people do not have the time to spend on the game. So giving them free money gives them the chance to see all off that game without have to spend to much time on it.